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Transcription Service

When thinking about out sourcing your correspondence, it is worth taking into consideration the two main costs, salaries and on-costs. Most medical and legal firms include transcription costs in the following categories and these should be incorporated into your cost analysis:

> Salaries
> Payroll tax
> Superannuation
> Workers' compensation
> Relief and temporary typists and its associated costs
> Equipment maintenance and repair (transcription system, computers, copiers, etc.)
> New equipment costs (new hardware, software, etc.)
> Employee continuing education and training
> Depreciation (office and computer     equipment)
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Welcome to Mediscribe
Mediscribe provides high quality transcription services 24 hours a day to private and public practices in the medical profession. The advanced technology ensures sound files and dictated reports are securely transferred with ease. Our team consists of highly skilled IT personnel and Quality Assurance staff and transcriptionists experienced in a vast range of medical specialties.    Contact us for a free trial to see how easy it is to outsource your medical transcription.
How much will it cost?
Mediscribe is comparable with on-site typing but without the on-costs, space restrictions and all of the ongoing costs of covering holiday and sick leave and recruitment and training of new staff.
What are the installation costs?
As long as you have a file server and a broadband connection, the only costs are the purchase of the doctors digital dictation device.
How does it work?
Sound files are sent to the Mediscribe server. This system can easily be set up by Mediscribe’s IT personnel at no cost to you.
The files are then sent to a transcriptionist who types them in Word and sends them back to via the secure Mediscribe server. Your files can be tracked at all times for quality purposes.

Is the quality of work guaranteed?
All Mediscribe typists are experienced in medical specialist typing.  We guarantee 98% accuracy and a turnaround of 48 hours.
Security and confidentiality?
We regard patient privacy to be of utmost importance and comply with the National Privacy Principles. Confidentiality agreements are signed by all Mediscribe typists and personnel. Mediscribe’s secure website and server ensures your sound and word files transfer in a secure manner. An audit trail of the files ensures security at all times. The use of log on names and passwords to enter the Mediscribe site ensures only authorized personnel are able to gain access to your files.
What support will Mediscribe offer me?
IT Support is guaranteed Monday to Friday if you have a problem uploading your practice files.  Simply email Mediscribe with your problems or enquiries and one of their personnel will contact you within the hour.
What about an Emergency typing facility?
There is consideration for introducing this type of service, as required, in the near future.
Mediscibe Brochure ( Adobe PDF ):
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